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Public Committees
All committees, task forces, and boards described below are subject to the Government-In-The-Sunshine law and hold meetings that are open to the public and noticed via the district's Public Notices webpage (click here for Public Notices Webpage).
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Committee Name Purpose of Committee
Altamonte Springs Community Leaders The purpose of the meeting will be to facilitate discussion with the Community Leaders of Altamonte Springs regarding possible future use of the Rosenwald Center.
Annual Prequalification of State Certified General Building and Roof Contractors Pre-Qualification of contractors through an equitable and prescribed process per Florida Statutes and State Board Rules
Budget Review Committee Work with the executive director/ chief financial officer to review SCPS budget and to make recommendations about the budget and budgetary practices and recommendations as to the amount of additional revenue, if any, required to meet SCPS' reasonable goals and objectives.
Business Advisory Board The purpose of the Business Advisory Board is to assist and advise the School Board of Seminole County and its staff in the planning and management of the school system
Community Leaders To articulate with community leaders in Seminole County
Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) Procurement of contractors through an equitable and economical process per Chapter 255 Florida Statutes for the following professions: Architectural, CM at Risk; Civil & Structural Engineering; Mechanical & Electrical Engineering; Environmental; Land Surveying; Roofing Consultant; Test & Balance; Real Estate Brokerage; Geotechnical, Construction Materials Testing, and Threshold Inspection
Continuation of School Operations (CSO) Public Input on criteria for school suspension of operations/closing
District Discipline Committee The purpose of the discipline committeee is to deal directly with the Student Conduct and Discipline Code, Discipline Procedures Manual, suspensions, expulsions, school law and discipline data.
Education Legislative Advisory Group A collaborative coalition working on behalf of the students of SCPS
Elemenatry Rezoning - East The purpose of the meeting wil be to develop and make recommendations to the school board in regards to the East Phase Elementary Rezoning to include the following schools: Carillon, Eastbrook, Evans,Geneva, Keith, Lawton, Partin, Rainbow, Red Bug, Stenstrom, Sterling Park, Walker Elementary Schools.
Elementary Rezoning - West Phase The purpose of the meeting will be to develop and make recommendations to the board in regards to the West Phase of rezoning. The West Phase includes the following: Bear Lake, Forest City, Sabal Point, Spring Lake and Wekiva Elementary School.
Elementary Rezoning--North Phase The purpose of the meeting will be to develop and make recommendations to the board in regards to the North Phase Elementary Rezoning to include the following schools: Bentley, Crystal Lake, Heathrow, Highlands, Idyllwilde, Lake Mary, Layer, Wicklow, Wilson, Winter Springs, & Woodlands Elementary Schools.
Employee Benefits Wellness Committee To implement programs and educational strategies to promote health and wellness of employees.
Energy Task Force Committee, SCPS To review & evaluate energy consumptions, savings and costs associated with energy & water usage & make recommendations to the Board.
Environmental Studies Center Program Funding Committee To obtain the funds necessary to secure funding for Environmental Studies Center Student Programs
Environmental Studies Center Program Funding Committee To discuss fund raising opportunities for the Environmental Studies Center
Five Year Capital Improvement Plan To discuss the five year capital improvement plan & budget.
Gifted Advisory Committee To advise Exceptional Student Support Services Department about Gifted issues.
High School Summer School Committee Summer School planning and development
Hispanic Task Force To articulate with the Spanish leaders in Seminole County
Instructional Materials Adoption Committee Evaluate and recommend instructional materials for various subjects/grade levels
Insurance Selection Committee To review the insurance programs, board paid and voluntary benefits, that are offered to the district employees and retirees.
PROCUREMENT AND CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE PROCESS To re-evaluate the process and policies currently in place.
PSFPC (Public Schools Facilities Planning Committee) To hear recommendations from PTAC on school planning issues.
Policy Review Committee Review county policies as needed
SOLICITATION EVALUATION COMMITTEE Evaluate solicitation responses and recommend award of contract.
School Improvement Plan Review Committee Review school improvement plans for compliance
School Safety Advisory Committee The purpose of this committee is to review safety issues related to vehicular and pedestiran access for public schools, request for bus service and safety provisions associated with the designated bus stops.
Seminole County Public Schools/Seminole Community College Articulation Articulate institutions programs and agreements
Sheriff's Department/SCPS Committee The purpose of the Sheriff's Department/SCPS Committee is to work with attendance issues, truancy, Sheriff's Department issues, Eugene Gregory Academy, Journeys Academy and Stay Center
Student Calendar Committee Develop Student Calendar
Student Museum Fund Raising Committee To obtain the funds necessary to effect repairs to the Student Museum
Vocational/Career and Technical Education Committee The purpose of this committee is to ensure that the vocational/CTE programs recommendations made to the School Board will meet both educational and community expectations and workforce needs.
Wellness Policy Committee To set goals for the school districts Wellness Program to promote student wellness.
ePathways Steering Committee To develop an ePathways communication, marketing, and implementation plan with input from educators, students, parents, business leaders and community members.
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